Revealed : Channel Four. The Truth about the Druids.

So, looks like the Druids were, indeed, canniballistic human sacrificers, according to Pliny, the Romans in general and a few modern day archeological experts. I love the Romans, me: Always going on about stamping out barbaric practices and using it as a good excuse to go stomping over other cultures. Pliny? I would trust everything that man has written…have you seen some of the stuff he tried to pass off as true!

The noble Romans wiping out those barbaric Brits, this would be the same Romans who turned human sacrifice into a state institution and then sold tickets to come watch it? The blind blokes fighting the midgets, yep, that one always feels my heart with a sense of how civilised the Roman Empire was in comparison to the Celtic and other Barbaric clans. Getting animals to rip eachother to bits and then throw in a few Christians just to spice it up..lovely. They sure knew how to act in a dignified and life enhancing way. Maybe, the Celts sacrificed criminals and prisoners, but it was no worse than any other peoples behaved in those times. In fact, the Druids and the clans of this isle were probably pretty civilised in comparison to others, we didn’t ask for the bloody Romans to come marching over here anyway, we were doing very well on our own.

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