BBC upcoming drama: Merlin.

Well, what will the BBC do with this archetypal mythology of the British Isles? Have to say, as someone who has a keen interest in Arthurian mythology, I hope the writers do a good job, though looking at previous efforts one has to wonder.

The latest Robin Hood, another important mythological tale, was dreadful and the last programme to approach Arthurian subject matter was Bonekickers…say no more.

Seeing the trailers for Merlin, it is not looking good. This mythology is an important aspect of the history of these isles. Stories have to change, to breathe and grow to offer each generation a message but, having said that, you can not alter creation mythology, mess around with archetypal truths and, completely, change the plot just to suit your own agenda. If you want to do that, write a new story, don’t dress up an important mythology in your own costumes.

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