Robin Hood and Merlin

Mythology is more than story. It should entertain but be more than mere entertainment. It is a receptacle of archetypal themes, a deep rooted teaching from which much can be learned. It should be respected and approached with a responsible awareness of the wisdom and symbolism contained within.

Though, natural that it should, to some extent, evolve and be added to by each generation to speak to each generation, the core should be acknowledged and left untouched and unchanged. Those that seek to re-tell these tales should realise that they must only add branches to the tree and not reshape the trunk; even the responsibility of adding new branches, new threads to the tapestry, requires a deep understanding and respect for the inherent wisdom contained within the core mythology.

Both the tales of Merlin and Robin Hood are precious and important mythological cycles linked to these islands and Northern Europe, to mess with them irresponsibly, ignorant of their true meaning is no different to rewriting Australian Aboriginal Dreamtime mythology, or distorting the true messages of any religion.

The BBC has commissioned both Robin Hood and Merlin as prime time series’, written by people wholly unfamiliar and unconcerned with the legacy each represents. Ignorant of their meaning, they have subverted and diminished the mythology and overlaid the usual BBC obsession with political correctness. Rather than add anything of value they have corrupted valuable material. Their Robin Hood is little more than a dreadful pantomime and their Merlin strays so far from true characterisation as to render any true resonance pitiful.

Unconcerned to strive for deeper meaning, sacrificing integrity for bland entertainment, mythology for fabrication, and true story telling for second rate and irresponsible scriptwriting.

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