Let The Right One In (Låt den rätte komma in)

Well, I have been pretty scathing of everyone’s “favourite”, Slumdog Millionaire, but Let the Right One In, is a film worth going to see. I will, hopefullly, write a more detailed post but for now here are a few reviews I have found online


Beautifully shot with a stark feel to the cold de-saturated colours, this film explores some difficult and disturbing subject matter in a thoughtful way with a sense of understanding and care often lacking in more mainstream films. Horror, yes, but not in a “just for the sake of it” way. Vampirism as metaphor, there are some endearing sensibilities in this charming and thought provoking film.

There were small aspects which did not quite work, or seemed strange additions, but the overall impact was one of an accomplished piece of story telling.

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