Great things come out of Sweden…

A year or so ago I commented upon how good the film Let the right one in”was, compared to a few other films around at the time. Just heard that the U.S are to make a version…oh no!

My bet is they will, totally, miss the emotional aspect of the bond between the two characters and concentrate on the gore factor, or introduce a formulaic romance sub-plot, whatever, they will ruin it. Come up with something new, stop ripping off European classics.

On a similar point. Got to say that the Swedish version of Wallander is far superior to the Branagh U.K version. I like Branagh as an actor but the supporting characters are not fleshed out in the UK version and the interaction between characters is not as evident. Sorry to hear that a third series is not going to happen, as far as other blogs seem to say?

I like Sarah Smart but Nina Zanjani is beautiful, basically, the whole cast just work better in the original Swedish series.

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4 Responses to Great things come out of Sweden…

  1. Kate says:

    I love Wallander, too! As you have said, the Swedish version is so, so much better! Nina Zanjani is beautiful too. And the end song ‘quiet nights’. In fact, it’s pretty brilliant!

    • kozmikfish says:

      Thanks for your comment, Kate. I just think it has more layers, the U.K version is a bit two-dimensional. I missed some of the Swedish episodes (last part of series one, I think), so did not see what happened to Wallander’s daughter who worked in his team?

      The characters interact in a more believable way in the original version, however, I am unsure about the love interest strand developing between Isabel and Pontus, just that it echoes the fact the last two cops (Wallander’s daughter and the other male policeman) had a fling. Looked on ebay for Swedish version DVD’s, they exist but are really expensive at the moment. (unless I was looking at blu-ray!)

  2. Kate says:

    I didn’t see the first Swedish series, either. The DVDs are ridiculously expensive, sadly; and if one was to ship them from Sweden, there may be a language issue!

  3. kozmikfish says:

    Let us hope the BBC re-run the series’, at least it would provide an alternative to way too much football. I read on a blog somewhere that the actor who plays Wallander only signed up for a second series on the promise that it would get better? I do not think he signed for a third series. Shame. I love European cinema/TV. US series’ are good, tightly written, if a little formula driven. The state of writing in the UK seems, sadly, to be pretty poor.

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