Last night’s Wallander was a brilliant episode, shame Isabelle and Pontus look due to leave, but then I guess the season is near its end anyway. The back story of Isabelle’s life was a really tight piece of writing and added more depth to the character, played so brilliantly by Nina Zanjani. Looks like the good stuff is tucked away on BBC4 while the TV is chock full of second rate rubbish on BBC1 and 2, no surprise there.

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2 Responses to Wallander

  1. Kate says:

    Noooo! I just read that not realising it was a new post! I suppose there’s only one episode after last night’s, but still!

  2. kozmikfish says:

    Sorry about that, I posted it and then clicked onto your site.

    Still worth watching, I haven’t ruined it for you honest! Just that they have come to the end of their Traineeship and it looks as if they might move on. (Had the third series ever got made, maybe they would have remained).

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