A hundred years hence.

Emeritus Professor Frank Fenner of the Australian National University has stated that he believes the human race will have vanished from the Earth as early as a hundred years from now. I would not argue with this but I would revise it and say that the majority of the human race will have become extinct, I think a few pockets of humanity would survive.

And what type of human will survive and thrive in this post-ecological disaster? Well, you would be looking for those individuals who can cope without modern technology, those that can live within nature and receive her bounty without being so greedy as to risk the continuence of the very planet we all rely upon.

From the male gene pool I am thinking Ray Mears and from the female side of things, Julia Bradbury. So, I am quite optimistic. Mr Mears is a brilliant bloke, not only because he is a decent chap who can survive in a world stripped of modern convenience but also because he understands and brings a spiritual aspect to his awareness of our planet. Ditto for Julia Bradbury, who is a fine looking woman to boot, so all is not lost….although, there will be losers…such as Jeremy Clarkson. Sorry Jeremy, it is nothing personal, I do not disagree with all your views, particularly, those concerned with health and safety and the nanny state: I grew up in an era when wasteground (or tips) were amusingly rebranded as “Adventure Playgrounds” where most of the “Adventure” revolved around not contracting tetanus from the plethora of rusty nails that decorated the place. But even were you to survive any eco-apocolyptic event, the others in the new world would probably feel the need to offer you up in some form of sacrificial appeasement. Then again, you probably wouldn’t want to live in a car-less society populated by lentil munching tree huggers anyway, would you?

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