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Fact and Fiction

The last episode of the three part series The Normans on BBC2 tonight, As I said in an earlier post I think this is a well presented and well produced documentary. However, I still have a tiny problem with it. … Continue reading

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THe Normans: Wednesday BBC2 9pm

I read a review before watching the first episode of this new series: “Fascinating stuff, but very drily presented” was the concluding comment from the reviewer. I would disagree. It was fascinating, informative and perfectly well presented by a knowledgable … Continue reading

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Watching the Detectives.

First episode of Sherlock on BBC1 Sunday 9pm. Having always been a fan of the writer Steven Moffet, having written Coupling and Jekyll, I was happy to give this a go, notwithstanding the fact that I was seriously keen on … Continue reading

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Last night’s Wallander was a brilliant episode, shame Isabelle and Pontus look due to leave, but then I guess the season is near its end anyway. The back story of Isabelle’s life was a really tight piece of writing and … Continue reading

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Great things come out of Sweden…

A year or so ago I commented upon how good the film Let the right one in”was, compared to a few other films around at the time. Just heard that the U.S are to make a version…oh no! My bet … Continue reading

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Robin Hood and Merlin

Mythology is more than story. It should entertain but be more than mere entertainment. It is a receptacle of archetypal themes, a deep rooted teaching from which much can be learned. It should be respected and approached with a responsible … Continue reading

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